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Hello! I see that you've stumbled (probably drunkenly) to our game page.

This is a game we made for the 2016 March Game Jam for Philly Dev Forge under the topic Frenemies. We may have taken it a bit too literally.

Jim White did the music, all the sound and audio (Beyond incredible!). Sophie Triska did all the art, modeling, animation (Pretty much everything). Crystal Vu did the coding (Which was like nothing in comparison).

The mechanics are pretty simple and are loosely based on an old game show called Split or Steal in which your choices could mean splitting cash, taking it all, or you and your partner taking home nothing at all.

The range of the knife is far greater than the range of the hug but stabbing impairs your ability to turn so you have to be smart about it. This adds a nice layer I think to the underhanded tactics behind tricking your friends into trying to give you a hug while you try to stab them. In the worst case scenario, it devolves into a bit of a monkey knife fight and who would say no to that!

Controls... They don't seem to be super intuitive. You hit this at the start of the level to signify making your choice. You HOLD it down to put your selected action into motion during the main gameplay phase. Hitting X on the pad or T and M during the ready phase lets you choose the knife. Hitting B on the pad or Y and , will let you choose to hug again. If you do not hold the action button long enough, your hug / stab will not trigger even though the animation will complete.

We hope that you enjoy playing the game!

By the by, you can hit '=' to restart the game. It's a bit of a secret ;D

Updated: Now with more sneaky stabbing

Install instructions

It's a Unity game and should run right away.


Hug Or Thug.zip 23 MB
HugOrThug.app.zip 24 MB

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