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Had a lot of fun with this game, I even "kicked the bucket" hahaha!


Hearing stuff like this keeps me going xP I promise I'll make it better

Glad to provide positive support! I thought the "kicking the bucket" was hilarious :P Keep up the great work bud :)

Loved all the little "fourth wall" bits the devs put in this. Surprisingly fun.

Here's an entertaining look at gameplay. SPOILERS at the end!

oh my god I can't believe people are playing this game D:

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thanks! I just typed in the URL. Didn't do anything special to get the thumbnail on there. I figured it defaults to the thumbnail.

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Very fun game from the start. As I am new to being a beta tester/tester in general I am wondering if this is how i contact you for bug reports? If there is some other way to contact you please let me know so I can help you polish the game!

However you wish to. This works :) I know some things are broken. LIke the cake and it's been pointed out that calling your lawyer and having the files don't prevent getting robbed if you sleep in the bed. I'll be fixing those very shortly. :)


Fantastically dark game with a sense of humor. Would play again A +

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I can't believe you made a Let's Play :) That's so awesome

edit: My idea for the big game has a better tree for pacifism. Ideally, the tree for a bad ending will be much bigger hence the slippery slope :P

2x edit: You have some good ideas :o